I’m an educator, designer, teaching yogi, Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner, and warrior.

Everything I am now is an evolution of who I’ve always been. My work is multifaceted and in alignment with my intentions and vision.

My M.O. is for us all to recall, rediscover and restore our power, interconnectedness, and ability and responsibility to serve the underserved. There are impactful movements happening on the ground everywhere. What we lack is unity. I work to glue ideas and actions together locally, to create positive change and impact globally.

“You see, revolution sounds like something that happens, like turning on the light switch but actually it’s moving a large obstacle, and a lot of folks’ efforts to push it in one direction or the other have to combine.” 

- Gil Scott-Heron

I believe everything we do can be utilized for social change. Our liberation rests in the hands of our solidarity.

Fun facts:

I can and have watched Avatar the Last Airbender series over and over again (Aang and I are kindred spirits). Whisky (I dream of Suntory), glass, enough said. My favorite word is sawsawan, a Tagalog (Filipino) word meaning sauce. Ha, ironic. * flips hair *

@nielleekat for a little more of me

[homepage, headshot, yoga and bodywork photos by Nathaniel Parson]