Service, Education, Design and Wellness for Liberation

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Social Change

By accumulative acts of service we can make real shifts towards community interdependence and autonomy. It takes a village.

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Providing meaningful design to small businesses and organizations to empower their missions and visions. I use design to change perceptions, shape ideas and push them forward - spurring the possible alternatives.

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I teach yoga to connect, liberate and restore. Our collective freedom, starts within.

“Revolutionary, systemic change is needed internally, in our relations and in our external conditions.”

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Thai Yoga Bodywork

A healing art system that awakens the body’s healing mechanisms and energetically balances the body. I use CBD plant medicine, both topical and ingestible, to naturally aid the bodywork.

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Serve the underserved.


My bottom line is to build an army of liberated minds, restore our moral imperative, and build bridges that connect us all.